The Circle launches new website!

The Circle is thrilled to launch our new website!  With the new design and content, there are many new and exciting elements and pages, including links to event pictures, an archive that includes key dates and photos from our herstory, an archive for our newsletters dating back to 2001 and much more!  We hope you enjoy exploring the site over the summer.  A special thank you to Melissa McInerney from TBK Creative for designing the site and to Abeda Manji, Brescia’s webmistress extraordinaire for the hours of work in preparing the site to go live.

In the fall, we will move into “proper blogging” and feature reflections and thoughts on issues relevant to women’s lives to day.

Begin exploring at:


About thecirclewc

The Circle Women's Centre is a program and resource centre for students and for women in the wider community. It focuses on feminist spirituality, its theory and practice by women in contemporary society. The spirituality is broad based, both personal and political, honouring the riches of all religious traditions. The Circle welcomes women from diverse experience and backgrounds. It links with and supports other women's groups who work to dismantle oppression and to embody life-giving relationship with all that is created.
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4 Responses to The Circle launches new website!

  1. Caroll Halford says:

    Fantastic job Kim….well opens the doors to the magic and possibilities of all of the circle events..very inviting!!!!!

  2. Fantastic! Looks great and easy to navigate!

  3. Abeda says:

    Kim – Just saw this!! It was a pleasure as always to work with you. And I now know I can ask for your expertise on image editing and design!! Congratulations – the website looks smashing. Have a great summer!!


  4. Caroll Halford says:

    I know I was at the Brighid Festival because I am feeling very full, grateful, challenged, excited, blessed and the list goes on and on but because of the fullness of the weekend I know I missed some of Mary’s wonderful quotes, as well I missed hearing your story or I invite you to share with me here – favorite quote, story, memory, gift, idea and let me know how your creativity is flowing….let us keep the magic alive…

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