Thank-you with all my heart and soul


Cherished friends and members,

As my time as The Circle’s Director rapidly comes to a close, it has afforded me the opportunity to reflect upon the 14 wonderful years that I have spent in service to this organization. What an extraordinary journey I have had thanks to you!  As I shared last night at the beautiful farewell ritual that was hosted for me, The Circle has filled my life with more blessings than I can count.  Although on a professional level I learned an extraordinary amount, it has been on a personal level that I experienced this job’s true rewards. I was able to go to work every day to a job that nourished by soul and was deeply fulfilling.  It allowed me to hope that through the work I was doing, I was making my own small contribution to making the world a better place, especially for women; and it enabled me to feel that with every event and each program I helped to organize that I was deepening my connection to the divine feminine, to humanity and to the earth.  But the greatest reward of all, is all of you.  From the first day, and every day since, you have continued to evoke and affirm my wonder and joy at the power, kindness, generosity and soul-beauty of women.  You have all cared for me, mentored me, encouraged me, challenged me, taught me, held me, and blessed me over all these years.  There are no words to express my deep and tremendous gratitude for your presence in my life.  Although I am feeling much sorrow at the fact that this particular part of my journey with you is coming to an end, I am confident that our exceptional Circle community will spiral into a new era with the same magical spirit, commitment to co-creation and collaboration, and belief that together, women have an incredible capacity to create positive transformation and change in our world.

As I move into my new role at Brescia’s Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL), I will carry with me the strength, solidarity, and wisdom with which you have gifted my life. I understand leadership because of The Circle process.  I witnessed leadership through your collective example.  I experienced leadership because of your trust and faith in me.  Thank-you with all my heart and soul.With blessings and gratitude,


About thecirclewc

The Circle Women's Centre is a program and resource centre for students and for women in the wider community. It focuses on feminist spirituality, its theory and practice by women in contemporary society. The spirituality is broad based, both personal and political, honouring the riches of all religious traditions. The Circle welcomes women from diverse experience and backgrounds. It links with and supports other women's groups who work to dismantle oppression and to embody life-giving relationship with all that is created.
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