The Circle Women’s Collective for Spirituality, Activism & the Earth offers unique programming and resources to women in the London community and beyond. The Circle focuses on feminist spirituality, its theory and practice by women in contemporary society. We welcome women from diverse experience and backgrounds, and as such maintain a broad based view of spirituality, honouring the riches of all religious traditions and expressions.

Inspired by the feminist perspective “the personal is political,” The Circle also aspires to enlighten and enliven women on a wide range of issues such as social justice, ecofeminism and the environment, women’s rights, human rights, feminism and feminist spirituality.  The Circle is a part of the vibrant women’s network in the London area. It links with and supports other women’s groups in the community who work to dismantle unjust structures and to embody life-giving relationship with all that is created.

We offer:

  • The opportunity for women to explore their spirituality on their own terms.
  • The opportunity to work in solidarity with others to help create social change.
  • The opportunity to be a part of a spiritual community that is outside of any particular faith or denomination.
  • The opportunity for women to be enlightened and enlivened through experiential ritual, education and learning.

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  1. Caroll Halford says:

    Caroll Halford

    A big shout out to Brescia University College who so generously allows us to use their fantastic space for our Brighid Festival and also their wisdom in having Kim Young Milani as the circle’s director..without her direction & the wonderful people she draws to her many of these typesof events would not take place…we women of the circle treasure this rich partnership…like if you agree.

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